New Products

We understand the quality of life is the most concern for nowadays consumer. A range of new products from different brands are brought to you for bathroom and kitchen…


For Bathroom - HAFRO

HAFRO, one of the top Italian wellness brands. Its mother company, Gruppo Geromin is the top 5 companies in Italy for the production of wellness and bathroom equipment.

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This new shower column with steam generator has a built in crystal glass keyboard to control every function: steam generator, colour therapy and blue tooth sound system - modern and user friendly.


A new style shower column launched apart from the existing 3 designs of LAMA series. In champagne or copper finishing, stylish yet elegant.


A private sauna is no longer a luxury item. With HAFRO innovations and expertise, the traditional sauna can now be moved into bathroom. It only occupied 120 x 92cm of space!

For Kitchen - 3M

With over 70 years evolving filtration technology, 3M Purification is recognized to be the most trusted brand in industry. Newly launched AP2-405G Water Filter has been used advance technology to achieve higher capacity in a smaller size. It has not only obtained WRAS certification, but also tested in accordance with NSF standard to assure product safety and reliability.

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For Kitchen - Bachmann

Bachmann is a highly innovative German company, with a vision of providing innovative kitchen power solution to fit with customers' different needs. We have selected 3 different power solutions for modern kitchen…

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For Washroom - ASR

ASR is the sensing sanitary wares brand of Ningbo CSR Time Transducer Technique Co., LTD is based in Zhuzhou, China (Renamed from NINGBO TIMES SANITATION CO.,LTD), which is branch of CSR Times Electric Group of China (HK Stock Number: 3898). By making the best use of 40 years success experience of the mother company - CSR Corporation Ltd (HK Stock Number 1766) on researching electric locomotive, the company has succeeded in developing the wide range of sensing sanitary wares.

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