Founded in 1947, BACHMANN has become a company with a global presence in electrical engineering industry. With headquarter in Germany, BACHMANN also has production sites & quality management centers in Romania and China.

BACHMANN is a highly innovative company, which develops, manufactures and markets electronic components & systems with focus on customers. Its products have been awarded by various international awards, such as Reddot design award and German design award.

With a vision of providing innovative power solution to fit with customers' different needs, BACHMANN has successfully adapted its innovative technology from the facility and IT industry for kitchen usage. Year of experiences and German engineering coupled with high quality materials make Bachmann power strips become perfect power integration.


The elevator is powered straight away
ELEVATOR fits perfectly in any kitchen. Designed for the particular requirements of kitchens, ELEVATOR's 79 mm diameter makes it perfect for installation in kitchen worktops. The design is unobtrusive and the materials high quality.

Press down with your thumb to raise ELEVATOR which provides socket & USB outlets in a very small space. The power strip is simply lowered again after use.

High-tech in motion

LIFT is the totally practical combination of sophisticated looks and high precision mechanical design. The unit is recessed neatly in the worktop when not in use. Simply touch to rise out of the work surface ready for docking on all four sides. Once you have finished using the LIFT unit, simply push it back into its initial recessed position by hand.

This highly compact unit needs a drill hole only 140 mm in diameter for installation. Built-in depth both open and closed is just 195 mm.

Compact and Efficient

Power Frame is the compact solution for integrated and easily accessible power connections. Combining compact dimensions with high-quality timeless design, Power Frame opens up virtually unlimited application options. The power strip can be simply clicked into the built-in frame from below.

Who'd have thought power could be so elegant?

The compact POWER FRAME has evolved into the POWER FRAME COVER with an elegant and attractive aluminum cover, designed especially for stylish kitchen environments and with the added bonus of protection from dust and dirt.

International Certificates / Awards


BACHMANN Kitchen Systems are configurable with numerous combinations. Product specifications will be slightly different with pictures. International standards and various combinations on power and data usage available.