With over 70 years evolving filtration technology, 3M Purification is providing the best in class filtration services to many market segments, ranging from the filtration for highly sensitive components in electronic manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies for drug manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturer for beverages preparation and global chain restaurants for food preparation. With this innovative and highly reliable core filtration technology and numerous proprietary design, 3M Purification is recognized to be the most trusted brand in the industry. 


3M Water Filter Systems


1. Advance Technology can effectively filter heavy metal lead and rust, sediments, chlorine, taste & odor, cysts and VOC (include Benzene, Dichlorobenzene, Toxaphene)

2. 3M tested in accordance with NSF Standard No. 42 and 53 to assure product safety and reliability

3. Manufactured from U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) CFR-21 compliant materials

4. Advance technology achieves higher capacity, i.e. 4000L, in a smaller size

5. Patented SQC design, 10 seconds to change the cartridge

6. Smaller cartridge reduces height to only 26.3cm; better fit to modern housing environment



Smart Water Drinking Water System


1. Adopt IMPACT Technology – Pharmaceutical grade premium carbon/nylon mebrane to achieve of 0.2 micron rating

2. Twin Cartidge System Design – Prefilter PF2500-C-CN used to handle problematic water and protect premium carbon/nylon membrane postfilter DWS2500-C-CN

3. NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certified

4. 3-Step " SMART" Cartridge Change Mornitoring System – Monitor usage and provide audio & visual alarm for cartridge change

Whole House Filtration Systems


1. Over 370,000L filtration capacity

2. Can filter out particulate & rust, chlorine taste & odor, Scale

3. Heavy duty particulate reduction – 5 micron nominal

4. NSF/ANSI 42 certified

5. High flow rate meeting most of the residential & light commercial application

6. Perfect for filtration for whole house usage, e.g. bath, shower, kitchen operate at the same time

Stainless Steel Water Filter


1. Effectively filter particulate, rust & sediments.

2. Pre-set with high efficiency AP110 progressive porosity depth cartidge

3. Suitable for both hot & cold water applications

4. Heavy-duty SS316L stainless steel head and SS304L stainless steel housing rated to 300psi max operating pressure for max. strength and durability.

5. Manufactured from U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) CFR-21 compliant materials

6. Size: 310mm(H) x 106mm(Dia.)

Premium Performance

AP110 Replacement Cartridge

1. Effectively filter particulate, rust & sediments.

2. Progressive porosity design provides fine sediment filtration down to 5 micron

3. Sediment filtration perfromance is 5 times more than normal cartridge

4. Can apply to both hot & cold water, max water temperture is 77°C

Carbon Granule

AP117 Replacement Cartridge

1. Effectively filter particular & rust, sediments, chlorine taste & odor

2. Advance Technology provides fine sediment filtration down to 5 micron

3. Unique flow design allows for the use of finer, more effective granular activated carbon which yields a very low pressure drop

4. Applicable to Stainless Steel Water Filter AP1610

Shower Filter

1. 50,000L large filtration Capacity

2. Reduce chlorine taste and filter impurities

3. Hair care – Moisturize hair by reducing chlorine taste and impurities

4. Skin care – lessen skin damage and irritation by removing chlorine

5. High concentration KDF material is certrifed for NSF International 42 stadnard. Tested in accordance with NSF / ANSI 177 shower filtration system standard

6. 2 installation methods fit for both hand shower and overhead shower

LED Faucet for Drinking Water

3M specially launched 2 LED drinking water faucets - Faucet-ID1 & Faucet - J, with visual cartridge replacement reminder, simple and stylish.

Benefits of LED Faucet-ID1

1. Dedicated drinking faucet, filtered water is clean and safe.

2. LED Cartridge Replacement Reminder: The blue light flashes during normal operation. When it changed to red, please change both new filter cartridge and new battery to ensure normal operation. Faucet Size: 26.3cm(h) x 6.2cm (w) x 6.9cm(d)

3M FF100 Lead Reduction Filtration System

1. Effectively filter particulates, rust, chlorine taste, odor, lead, benzene, p-Dichlorobenzene, Toxaphene and Cyst.

2. NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53 and CSA B483.1 certified to assure product safety and reliability.

3. Cartridge comprised of a pleated sub-micron membrane and composite activated carbon block filter to achieve 0.2 micro rating.

4. Advance technology with high capacity i.e. 22,712L