Founded in 1977, C.G.S became very successful in its industry, becoming a benchmark in the field of drains and overflows.

The principle of C.G.S has always been quality and service, representing high standards, strong position, and production in today's markets.

Using advanced technology and highly trained personnel, C.G.S maintains extreme flexibility and a high quality of standards. With its innovative solutions and expertise C.G.S is able to offer a wide range of products that can satisfy the most various and demanding needs of customers globally.

SS Trench Drains
SS Trench Drains Fusion
SS Trench Drains Graffiti
SS Trench Drains Linea
SS Trench Drains Tessera

Stainlesss Steel Trench Drains

Practical drain solutions to customize your shower stall. 6 different grille designs including one for inlaid tiles. All designs are available in different lengths (from 700mm to 1200mm)

SS Shower Drains FD100
SS Shower Drains FD101
SS Shower Drains FD102

Stainless Steel Shower Drains

Siphon floor drain completely removable. 3 different designs, i.e. LIENA, GRAFFITI and FUSION. All designs grid 105x105mm, thickness 5mm.

Bottle Trap Shower Drain

talian made shower tray siphon with ABS chrome-plated plug. Completely removable. 90mm diameter with 70mm height. Flow > 30 l/min.

Bathtub Pop Up Waste Set #50 Metallo

Bath pop-up waste & overflow in brass/copper with lateral drain-pipe. Set with S-coupling transmission system, which allows for smooth and fluid movement. And all interior components are made of solid brass, which enhance the reliability & durability. The design has different lengths up to 125 cm. Can fit with different setting needs.

Washbasin Drain

Italian made Pop-up waste 1"1/4 with overflow for basin. Brass chrome-plated plug with "Skip-up" control.

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