The name ELLECI was originated 2 acronym words which will constitute the company mission: "L" as "Lavelli" (Italian word for Sink) and "C" as "Composite": ELLECI.


The famous philosopher- Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Enthusiasm is the most effective driving force for success. Without enthusiasm, there is no great achievement.” Which ELLECI has taken it as the company’s motto since the beginning of the brand was established. And it has evolved into infinite imagination to create more quality products and services solutions based on ELLECI “Italian Origin”.


ELLECI’s success is the result of the commitment and dedication of the 6 company values - Design, Expertise, Passion, Care for details, Technology & Made in Italy. ELLECI, thus, becomes one of the rare examples with own factory, R&D plus laboratory and moulds engineering facilities in one single site. Not only pursues the best quality granite composite sink for customers, but also concerns the safety health of them. That’s why all the ELLECI granite composite sinks are met with the requirement of CE1935/2004 to proof that they are food contact safe. 


Nowadays, ELLECI becomes the NO.1 granite composite sink manufacturer in Italy.

G.P.S. System

G.P.S System

The Production System That Makes The Differences

ELLECI revolutionized the technique for manufacturing composite granite sinks, developed and patented the G.P.S system which set a new standard in the industry. The unique feature of the system is the dynamic rotation of the moulds, an operation that makes it possible to distribute the mass of the sink more uniformly and compactly, which makes the sink having better resistance to the thermal shocks, impacts and scratches. The surface is more smooth and easier to clean :

1.         Impact resistance performance 30% higher than the best competitor

2.         Heat resistance can reach 345°C (normal performance 250 °C - 280°C)

3.         Thermal shocks performance 30% higher than the best competitor

4.         Cold/hot water cyclic test reach 7000 times (normal performance around 3500 times)

More than Granite

ELLECI believed that imagination & Creativity can develop better products & services that are capable of improving everyday experiences of the customers throughout the world. With this believe, ELLECI has developed innovative materials that becomes the benchmark of Italian excellence in the sector

KERATEK PLUS colour choices


KERATEK PLUS – A New Tactile Experience 

Continues investments in research for new technologies and materials have enable ELLECI to launch an exclusive innovative material with characteristics never achieved before. Apart from natural granite, KERATEK PLUS also mixes of 6 innovative acrylic resins and ceramic nanoparticles. With KERATEK PLUS, colors come alive. 100% HD real colors set a new benchmark for total white & total black. And colours never fade. And its smoother surface improves ease of cleaning, makes the sink 100% stain repellent.

METALTEK colour choices


METALTEK – Granite Metallic Effect

ELLECI METALTEK is also made up of natural granite and acrylic resin and like all sinks produced using G.P.S System… the unique feature is that metal particles have been added to provide a surface with a specific, characteristic finish that is shiny & glossy

GRANITEK colour choices
GRANITEK colour choices


GRANITEK – More Colours . More Choices

ELLECI GRANITEK is using ceramisation to colour the granite particle by using a special firing process above 700 °C, which enables the colour penetrate into nucleus of the particle

ZEN Collection

True timeless design must have withstand passing trends and harmonize seamlessly with a range of different environment. Zen Collection is a new line that emphasizes 2 of the ELLECI‘s core values – technology and attention to details.

Its versatility makes each model among the collection can fit with different types of installation, no matter it is inset or undermount

QUADRA Collection

A minimalist collection with a simplicity that brings out its clean, modern lines. Each model can be combined with a range of accessories and various colours. Most of the models available in 3 different materials: KERATEK PLUS, METALTEK and GRANITEK.

FOX Collection

A Collection of extremely versatile sinks. Adapt perfectly to fit any type of space available on the worktop. Each model can be combined with a range of accessories and various colours. Available in GRANITEK material

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