Newform is found in 1981 along the river Sesia, the history of the company is intertwined with the tradition of Valsesia, its region and its elements: water first of all. Turning this raw material into its living reason, Newform along the years worked to make it use as nice and functional as possible, keeping a unique heritage made of experience, genius and passion, reflected in all its creations.

Newform believes that only listening and caring for personal needs can create customized and amazing solutions, transforming water from natural element into a well-being instrument. And only following closely to the international trends and experimenting new and innovative technologies can make the company meets the needs with advanced solutions both aesthetic and functional.

Consistency in this excellence philosophy applied to its kitchen and bathroom products, which is regularly influenced by cultural and aesthetic evolution within design. Each object with the Newform signature is a symbol of elegance and distinction, guaranteed by self-imposed qualitative constraints.

Also to make Newform’s innovation and technology in harmony with environmental requirements, quality standards around the world, Newform has different international certificates that fit with different global market, i.e. NSF for USA market, WRAS for HK & UK market, WSD for HK market, etc.

Nowadays, more than ever, the company is proud of its proper production Made in Italy and is among the few ones that can realize independently all the stages of production, from design to the finished product.

For Kitchen

With a constant visual research and a persistent innovating drive, Newform transforms Kitchen interiors in a distinguished and lovely display of elegance, featuring extremely functional design, top end materials, care for details, and strict control of the entire production process.

X-TREND Art.2439

Elegance always is a trend. X-TREND art.2439 interprets it in a harmonious way. The pull down spout design makes each element in the kitchen combining as naturally as can be.

O’RAMA Art.68700

Design is an absolute value for Newform. O’RAMA art.68700 is a good example. Its modern and aesthetic design makes the kitchen extraordinary.

REAL Art.63425

REAL art.‎63425 is supplied with swivel spout. Its L-shaped design fits those who love simplicity plus practical functions. The pull-out hand shower makes the kitchen work easier.‎

LIBERA Art.63930

Newform, always focused on innovation, thought of a complete, functional and above all affordable product line.‎ LIBERA art.63930 is a semi-professional design sink mixer with swivel and adjustable spring. The double-jet flow simplifies the dish cleaning work. The mixer allows instant hot and cold water mixing and it is practical for daily use.‎

For Bathroom

With foresight, intuition and great attention to the genesis new trends, Newform transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. By creating unique bathroom collections, all completely able to meet the various subjective needs and meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

O'Rama Collection
O'Rama Collection
O'Rama Collection
O'Rama Collection

O’RAMA Collection

When ideal becomes possible and perfection becomes accessible. O”RAMA converts the wellness ritual in a practical proof of concept, among sinuous lines and a harmonious design, in a rational balance between formal contents and an innovative technological contribution.

Linfa Collection
Linfa Collection

LINFA Collection

Proactive, energetic and lighthearted: LINFA is the collection which strikes for being both minimalist yet refined. That’s innovative for its eco-friendly character, willing to respect the rules, without sacrificing the playful nature given by its curvy lines and colors.

Park Collection
Park Collection
Park Collection

PARK Collection

The discreet charm of the Neoclassical tradition, with a clear trait of modernity: PARK combines plain and regular lines with material elements, pure and solid volumes are the result. By nature it fits in enchanting and luxurious settings, which have a strict elegance.

Deluxe Collection
Deluxe Collection
Deluxe Collection

DELUXE Collection

Luxury, never being an end in itself, but always serving an aesthetic purpose: that is the philosophical attitude of DELUXE which shows its structural eclecticism, wisely combining classicism and contemporary in an irresistible charming mix.

International Certificates / Awards