MrSteam is one of the leading brands of Steam bath systems made in USA. When Arthur Sussman first created a steam iron for garment factories since 1917, MrSteam has constantly innovated, becoming the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world.
Focused on innovation while continually offering the finest quality products and services, MrSteam embraces the core idea that “We feel good... when you feel good.”
With nearly 100years experience in the “Feel Good” business, MrSteam has been a champion of SteamTherapy® and a company committed to making wellness a way of life.
Today under the leadership of a president who is an industrial designer, MrSteam continues reimagine the commercial and residential spa experience. MrSteam offers innovative new high tech swipe-touch controls, advanced steam shower generators and systems, along with soothing aromatherapy and ChromaTherapy options on the market today. All of the Mr.Steam products are manufactured in the U.S
MrSteam has been featured in numerous 5-stars+ hotel chains such as the Mandarin Oriental, St. Regis, Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton; and also has made steam boilers for the U.S. Navy, hospital operating rooms and the Kennedy Space Center, which where superior technology and reliability is mission critical.
Mr.Steam has received several design awards over the past several years, including Good Design Awards, Architizer A+ Awards, Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), Kitchen & Bath Business (KBB) Products Innovator Awards.
MrSteam is available in both 1PH/3PH power application and also features unique wireless solutions. Perfectly fits for HK market household use.

AirTempo Wireless Control
AirTempo Wireless Control White
AirTempo SteamHead

AirTempo™ Wireless Control

AirTempo™ Control offers users exceptional functionality and the convenience of a remote control, while also providing substantial time and labor savings to installers.

The steam shower industry’s first wireless control for the home, users can decide upon the optimal placement of the control over time, since there are no wires, tile, granite or marble cuts, or the need to route cables. Installation means simply deciding where to locate the AirTempo, which mounts in seconds with no tools required.

Because the control is wireless, it can be surface-mounted to almost any steam room wall, even — in another breakthrough for the steam industry — on a glass wall.

Highly sensitive to even slight changes in ambient temperature, the AirTempo sensor technology and its proprietary software regulate the steam and maintain optimal, steam-room temperatures.

The AirTempo can also be mounted in the wall in a plated forged-brass bezel, or mounted inside or outside the steam shower. If the latter option is chosen, a remote temperature sensor must be installed inside the shower enclosure.

iTempo® Control
SteamHead Selection

iTempo® Control

It's never been easier to take control of your steam shower experience! The MrSteam iTempo control family features a digital display with temperature settings:

• Flush-mounted

• Available in round or square styles, manufactured in solid brass with an elegant metal finish

• Pairs with MrSteam eSeries generators as well as the wireless iGenie® control

iSteam Shower Control
iSteam Shower Control Menu

iSteam® Shower Control

The iSteam’s revolutionary touch screen display and feature-rich menu offer an unsurpassed, customizable user experience. Along with a stunning graphic interface and bespoke design by world-renowned Industrial designer David Farrage, whose experience with Movado™ and Lamborghini™ is evident in iSteam’s contemporary styling.

As easy to use as a smartphone, the highly intuitive 4.3-inch LCD touch screen features beautiful graphics and high-performance in wet environments:

• Swipe-touch simplicity controls temperature, duration, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and music, turning the steam shower into a sensory spa

• Manufactured with the highest-quality, fused silica glass and polished cast aluminum, iSteam has attained a high level ingress protection rating of IP-67, and is capable of full water immersion of up to 3 ft

• iSteam employs an exclusive three-tiered safety system with passcode protection, temperature limit and time-out features built to ISO-9001 certification

• iSteam incorporates AutoStartTM, allowing the user to preset the day and time for their personal steam session

• iSteam can be used with all eSeries Generators, as well as the wireless iGenie® control

• Available in black and white finishes

The Linear SteamHead

The Linear SteamHead™

The revolutionary, patent-pending Linear SteamHead™, with its sleek, slender, horizontal profile, disperses steam evenly, smoothly, and quietly, while remaining all but invisible. Unlike conventional steamheads that protrude into the room and deliver steam from a single exit point, the Linear Steamhead is set flush to the wall and contained almost entirely inside it.

This minimalist design perfectly complements the contemporary  shower, especially the grid lines of its tile, marble or granite services, and the streamlined look of increasingly popular linear drains.

The clean, narrow opening of the Linear SteamHead™ emits a thin, undulating ribbon of steam, flowing upward in an even, gentle pace. Creating a “reverse waterfall,” steam enters the room in a soothing yet dramatic manner.

The iGenie
The iGenie

The iGenie™

iGenie™ - The fully automated, water-resistant remote control. This simple, one-touch invisible connection to the steam generating system activates the steam generator and pre-heats the steam shower remotely from almost anywhere in the home.

The water-resistant iGenie is a tactile, elegantly-molded wireless control that remotely preheats the steam shower from up to 100 feet away. Available in black and white finishes.

Steam Generator
Steam Generator Installation Suggestions

The Intelligent Steambath™ - Steam Generator

MrSteam eSeries Generator is the obvious choice for steam shower in modern home nowadays:

• Think small – about the size of a briefcase

• You can install the generator up to 60 ft away from the steam shower – and even locate it on another floor altogether

• With a water temperature equalization chamber that is unique to MrSteam, Autosteam® - which comes standard with every generator – assures a continuous flow of steam, with no pauses and no cold spots

• eSeries generators use no more than 7.56 liters of water for a 20-minute steam shower, making them the eco-conscious luxury bathing option

• Robotically welded, eSeries generators are built with recyclable, surgical-quality stainless steel inside and out

• Comes with a precision temperature probe for optimal steam room temperature control

• Industrial-grade heating elements perform reliably, in all water conditions

• Water solenoid technology delivers whisper-quiet anti-hammer operation

• LED color indicators provide visual feedback for easy-to-navigate self-diagnostics

• eSeries generators are the US and Canadian UL listed, and CE and NOM certified for unsurpassed quality and safety

International Certificates / Awards