ASR is the original sensing sanitary wares brand of Ningbo CSR Time Transducer Technique Co., LTD., Which is branch of the CSR Times Electric Group of China. It has gained ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification including R&D in domestic infrared sensing sanitary ware field. The key technologies have been gained the patents in many countries.

The mother company Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd (HK Stock Number: 3898) and CSR Corporation Ltd are all listed in HK Stock market. (HK Stock Number 1766).

By making the best use of 40 years success experience of the mother company on researching electric locomotive, the brand is specialized in automatic sensor sanitary wares. Main products include infrared sensing faucets, flushers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and other bathroom accessories. Those products are not only sold well in domestic market, but also exported to Europe, America, Middle-east, South-east, Asia and other countries.

Why choose ASR sensing sanitary wares?

  1. With mother company, CSR Corporation Ltd as strong backup, ASR products can provide you assurance which no other brands can do.
  2. ASR sensing sanitary wares have automatic sensor distance self-adjusting function, maximum accuracy with minimum installation work.
  3. The faucets, flushers and hand-dryers of the ASR sensing sanitary wares series are all approved by the international CE certification. Reliable & Safe.
  4. Various of ASR faucets and flushers are compatible with AC and DC, perfect for location with difficulty of finding power source.
  5. Low energy consumption setting makes the longer life of the battery. It can be used up to 50,000 cycles, environmental friendly.
  6. More assurance function with power outages, at the time of power failure or battery voltage is too low; it will automatically shut down to prevent leakage.



Automatic Sensing Faucet Series

Can automatically adjust the sensing distance accordingly to the background; Part of the design has hidden sensor window, modern & aesthetics.


Automatic Sensing Urinal Flusher Series

Equipped with intelligent deodorant function, if the urinal has not been used in 24 hours, it will flush once automatically to prevent trap water in dry and odor regurgitant. Sensor window with anti-scald and scratch-resistant design, safe and durable.


Automatic Sensing Soap Dispenser Series

Advanced pump structure can adapt to different concentrations of soap. With high quality of anti-drip performance.


Automatic Hand Dryer Series

Touch free operation with high blower output can shorten the drying time. Automatic power shut-off when overheating, overtime and overload. Environmentally friendly.