Founded in 1874, KWC is the leading Swiss manufacturer of taps with an international reputation built on outstanding quality and innovative design. Production is based in Switzerland, from where high-quality taps are exported to 50 countries on five continents. KWC is part of Franke Water Systems.

KWC is synonymous with 140 years of expertise in taps. In terms of both their technological features and aesthetic style, KWC taps bring fresh new highlights, superb functionality and innovative comfort to bathrooms and kitchens. The future-oriented, environmentally compatible and economically efficient tap concepts set high standards and stand out from the competition thanks to their “Swiss excellence” – a guarantee of outstanding design and quality, with a focus on durability and a long service life.

KWC designs have received several international awards through the year, including Reddot Design Award, IF Product Design Award, German Design Award, Good Design Award etc.

Year after year, KWC made substantial investments at the production facilities in Unterkulm. This maintains the high quality of the factory by continuously modernizing facilities and through regular company certifications. KWC is certified in the following areas: ISO 9001 Quality management systems, ISO 14001 Environment management systems, OHSAS 18001 Occupational safety and health management systems.

KWC Zoe touch light PRO

KWC ZOE touch light PRO is a faucet controlled using smart technology. It responds intuitively to a brief touch and is extremely easy to program to suit personal habits and needs. The round operating unit also features a light ring, which indicates the water temperature selected – so you can be sure that you have everything under control!

Touch and refresh – 1× tip

Cold water = blue.

Touch and clean – 2× tip

Warm water = orange.

Touch and prepare – 3× tip

Hot water = red.

KWC ZOE is also available as a lever mixer. With an integrated pull out spray, bring a whole new level of functionality to the kitchen. The flow rate & water temperature can be controlled intuitively using the short tactile lever. KWC ZOE particularly proves its worth in households where small children are around.


KWC ONO appeals to your appreciation for all things practical – and to your sophistication. That is why this simple faucet is not only designed to be extra robust, but also has an exceptionally fine finish. KWC ONO ably assists you with its intelligent functions, yet it is always the perfect picture of elegance.

The innovative highflex® spring hose opens your kitchen door to the future. This hose, designed as a sweeping curve, can be moved in any direction, returns to its original position automatically and stays firmly in place when it is not being used – even without a spray holder.

The pull-out aerator has both brains & style. It can extend up to 70cm if you pull it out, but otherwise retires politely and seamlessly back into the spout.

KWC ONO touch light PRO

KWC ONO touch light PRO makes every important element seem simple. This clever faucet takes the benefits offered by the electronically operated KWC ONO and enhances them with a touch of sophistication and an even greater dose of technological intelligence.


KWC AVA will satisfy both your fine sense of style and your requirement for reliable Swiss quality and state-of-the-art technology. With this faucet, you are sending out a clear message in your kitchen or bathroom: whoever lives here knows precisely what he or she wants.

KWC AVA’s flat lever has virtually become its trademark feature. It is based on a concealed mechanism that feel completely new, with the lever turning & rising simultaneously when you turn the faucet on.

International Certificates / Awards