Hatria is specialized in the production of ceramic sanitary appliances. The innovative design and strictly “Made in Italy” production characterize Hatria’s offer.

Certification of Hatria's Quality System by Certiquality-Certichim according to the UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard is one of the important steps in Hatria’s development strategy aimed at ever-increasing satisfaction of users of Hatria’s products.

The innovative technologies of Hatria’s ultra-modern production site in Teramo (Italy) are the basis for the development of a range of products for the bathroom that are in continuous evolution.

The use of extremely pure raw materials, the careful and rigorous use of prototypes, the management of all phases in the production process, occur in our factory with the use of cutting edge technologies that meet the new needs of the contemporary bathroom


Contemporary forms, neat, continuous and compact surfaces, the absence of unnecessary details, are a number of the features of the Fusion Collection.

It’s a collection of toilets that also includes small-size elements and pays particular attention to saving water. Clean and continuous surfaces right down to the floor and the absence of ornamentation are some of the characteristics of the Fusion, FusionQ and Fusion 48 toilets and bidets. The Fusion system perfectly expresses the transversal coordination of Hatria products, with the possibility of matching numerous collections of washbasins and adapting to different lifestyles.


Hatria, in collaboration with Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, presents a new living concept, in which design and customization combine to tailor-make a new LOOK for the contemporary bathroom.

On the one hand, the design, which starts from the shape of the sanitary appliance and reveals original features through an almost maniacal attention to detail: in the sharp and clean lines, in the subtle edge of the basin which, like a collar, closes the form and lends personality and style. On the other hand, the idea of a “made-to-measure” style, like a dress for every occasion: in the encounter between textile textures and the ceramic surface which transform into precious fabrics, able to further characterize the sanitary appliances, inventing different and personal styles


G-Full by Hatria is a system of integrated mono-block appliances that unite in a single ceramic unit the function of toilet and bidet. The large cover in solid wood slates or in white or wenge and walnut finishing, transforms G-Full into a supporting surface, extending the use of the object which reveals new flexible applications linked to the theme of wellbeing and the world of interior design.

To complete the G-Full system, the original and innovative 48 cm clothes wash basin, which can be installed above the L-shaped benches in any position, completing the functions of the new integrated bathroom, or suspended on the wall. The sink, with a very deep basin, is really a sort of very modern washtub which doesn’t compromise the look of the bathroom. A clothes wash basin + toilet element is thereby created that could be particularly useful in limited spaces.

Pure Rim - Rimless WC Collection

More hygiene, less water, zero Bacteria. The new Hatria rimless WCs flushing systems come with visible edges and use only a small amount of water, leaving no space for dirt and bacteria to form. This makes it extremely quick and easy to clean.

Designed with an innovative flushing system that facilitates cleaning & maintenance, the ceramic wall hung rimless WCs are in any case installed in the same way as conventional WCs. Flushing & perfect cleaning are assured with just 4.5/3litres of water.


Grandangolo®, a system of washbasins with elegant and unusual asymmetric shapes, enriches Hatria’s top range of products. Grandangolo has impressive technical and expressive contents; it’s a strikingly innovative concept for the contemporary bathroom.

Grandangolo®‘s lines and volumes resolve and optimize spaces which often suffer from a poor photogenic quality of sanitary appliances. An attractive unified perspective makes it possible to use all the spaces, including corners.

A synthesis of geometrical continuity and the expressive trace of a gesture. The perspective effect adds to the overall perception of the installation. Grandangolo®‘s linear curve is also a metaphor of space, perceived in perspective, made up of diverging or converging lines, that is, what substantially characterizes a space or a piece of architecture.

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