HAFRO stands for an innovative idea of wellness. It is the top Italian wellness brands, one of the business sectors under Gruppo Geromin. Gruppo Geromin remains one of the top 5 companies in Italy for the production of wellness and bathroom equipment.

HAFRO has been bringing quality, design, technology, and experience to its advanced home wellness solutions since 1990.

HAFRO is an ever-evolving project to make the dream of a home spa come true. An idea that combines high-quality materials, contemporary design, high performance, and affordability, focusing on innovation and efficiency of every manufacturing stage. Whirlpool bathtubs, shower columns, multifunction shower cubicles, steam generators, Turkish baths, and outdoor mini pools designed by highly specialized research and development team, in collaboration with external designers and professionals.

Producing safe models is a guarantee of maximum customer protection, as well as one of HAFRO fundamental business vocations. This is why the businesses of Gruppo Geromin have developed global attention to quality and safety. This value is guaranteed by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and TÜV international certification and by a production process carried out exclusively in Italy, an intentional choice for identification with a country known for high specialization and excellence.


HAFRO is constantly evolving to provide a wide range of solutions that brings wellness into home. A concept that unites top quality materials, contemporary design and high performance with convenience, by working on innovation and efficiency in all stages of production. Development that make the dream of a real personalize spa within the relaxing, comfortable walls of individual home come true.


A private sauna is no longer a luxury item. With HAFRO innovations and expertise, the traditional sauna can now be moved into bathroom. It only occupied 120 x 92cm of space and 100% made in Italy!

SAUNA TALIA is made entirely by the resonance red fir of Tarvisio Forest, which is a rear wood which was devoted to the creation of violins & pianos till now: famous for its peculiarity in to propagate the sound in the world.

Apart from the sauna function, additional functions can be added in: audio system & iPod connection, colour therapy… all at your choice.


The evolved technology advanced by HAFRO allows to create easily a steam bath in every home. All benefits of this ancient practice, in terms of psycho/physical relax and deep purification of the organism, is now available with a simple installation.

Hydro-therapy Olimpo

Hydro-therapy Olimpo

The newly launched design which have hamma with shower and integrated bath. Its' dimension is only occupied 195cm x 150cm x 215cm(H), which easily fit into your bathroom and let you enjoy steam bath at home.

Olimpo includes a tub with Microsilk®, which is an innovative whirlpool equips with special jet. It can produce micro bubbles to form a light white cloud of water that moisturizes the skin.

Crystal Glass Rigenera 200

Crystal Glass Rigenera 200 Built-In

Rigenera 200 Built-in is a multifunctional shower panel with steam generator. It has a built in crystal glass keyboard to control every function: steam generator, colour therapy and blue tooth sound system - modern and user friendly. Installation is simple. All that need is a standard power outlet and cold water connection and the extraordinary adventure of the steam bath can start.

Rigenera 70

Rigenera 70

Another simple installation design for home spa. Rigenera 70 is a piece of furniture with Corian top and Steam Generator. With one water proof remote control, all the functions including aromatherapy, color therapy, radio and temperature will be all in hand. And it's only occupied 73cm(H) X 40.5cm(W) X 26cm(D) spaces!


The vitality of the water and the air force has always been at the center of HAFRO program.

In shower areas and in bathtubs, water at different intensities and with different effects, and air through a myriad of sparkling micro sprays, create a unique experience. With HAFRO innovations, we aim at providing a real personal oasis fits for everyone.


SPA (Outdoor Mini Pool)

HAFRO Spas are designed not just to look beautiful, but also to exceed all the norms for high quality hydro massage and ergonomics. Multi-level filtering and water cleaning system is designed to provide exceptionally high quality clear, safe spa water.

4 models differing in size, number of seats and features to meet every need. The elegant grey-coloured cabinet is made from an UV resistant polymer that looks real wood but is completely maintenance free. Maximum comfort is provided by the enfolding lines of the range.



A newly launched tub designed to be installed on verandas or roofed terraces. Its only occupies 215cm x 150cm. With Infinity flow setting, recirculating water system, filter, heater & colour therapy. Available with air pool, Whirlpool and Whirlpool air pool systems.



Signature line Bolla is the imaginative result of an Avant –grade design, born by technique, ergonomics and aesthetics. Its shape contains an exceptional volume of water. The disinfection system grant the use of it for a long time, always ready, always clean, always to the correct temperature. Available with air pool, Whirlpool and Whirlpool air pool systems. Also can be with or without automatic recirculating water system.

The concept of Bolla is developed in a complete selection of installation: freestanding or with 4 solutions of built in installation.



A digital bath series with 7 different sizes. HAFRO professionals ensure a quality system, no matter is Whirlpool, air pool, or Whirlpool + air pool… it always in line with your needs

Shower Column Linea Lama
Shower Column Linea Lama

Shower Column Linea Lama

A new view for shower column, design meets water. Designed by Franco Bertoli, the LAMA shower column has different color & material choices, i.e. cropper, stainless steel, charcoal and Corian. It becomes an element of decoration and design.

All LAMA shower column provide three vertical hydro massage jets as well as hand shower rain effect, transforming the bathroom into a luxurious spa.



With the innovative spirit, HAFRO use the resin combined with mineral mixtures to create 5 different natural finishing shower trays, with high technical performance. Ideal for any home or public use, both indoor & outdoor


With the mother company strength of over 60yrs experience in laundry furniture, a CHANGE Collection launched to entirely dedicate to bathroom furniture.

CHANGE is a versatile and customizable collection. The 45 degree handle integrated into the front highlights the beauty of the surfaces. The open-fronted modules give the freedom to create free-standing or integrated structures. CHANGE reflects an original perception of space, supporting your lifestyle, practices and habits, and offers solutions that make them easy to use every day. It's modernity that loves colors and sees décor as true internal architecture. For an everyday living.

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